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Croissants with cheese, caramelized apple and cranberries

Looking for inspiration on how to spice up your daily breakfast? Try the only goat & sheep cheese on the market on a sandwich!


  • – a few slices of Goat Farm Goat&Sheep cheese
  • – 50 g butter
  • – 1 apple
  • – 2 croissants
  • – lettuce
  • – handful of dried cranberries

Method of preparation

Wash the apple and cut into fairly thick slices. Remove the seeds.

Melt the butter in a frying pan, place apples and fry on both sides until it becomes lightly browned.

Cut the croissants in the half, brush each half with the butter left in the pan after caramelising the apples.

Arrange the lettuce, apples, cheese and cranberries on the bottoms.

Cover the sandwiches with the tops of the croissants.

Thanks to @o_chochelka for the recipe.